Do You Need A Social Media Policy?

Does Your Company Need a Social Media Policy? Probably So. Do you employ people? Do you hire consultants? Do you work with interns or volunteers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your company needs a social media policy. This is true for law firms, corporations, agencies and…
Dr. Rachel Talton

Dr. Rachel Talton

TC is a brilliant attorney, a powerful speaker, and an inspiring, results-driven business coach. I recommend her work without hesitation. I would only add that her professionalism is superseded by her grace and kindness. - Dr. Rachel Y. Talton, CEO of Synergy Marketing Strategy and Research, Inc.

Social Media Is Here to Stay ~ Embrace It

Social Media Is Here to Stay ... Embrace It! Like it or not, social marketing is not a fad – it is here to stay. Building a thriving business that is positioned for success requires you to not only accept this fact – but embrace social marketing and integrate it…