If not now, then when?

If not now, then when?


A sense of urgency is a key difference between profitable entrepreneurs and those entrepreneurs who consistently struggle. Successful people make decisions quickly and then take action. Unsuccessful people are slow to make decisions and then take their own sweet time implementing action steps.   99% of success is personal commitment to actually doing what it takes to experience success and having an unshakable faith you can succeed … no matter how long it takes.  With this in mind …

—–> When will you incorporate daily prayer and meditation into your life?

—–> When will you start to exercise your body on a consistent basis?

—–> When will you stop hoarding your creativity and start adding value to the communities you serve by providing more paid and free content?

—–> When will you stop wasting time on bullshit and consistently do those things you know will move your business forward?

—–> When will you stop running around in a selfish haze and start truly investing time and energy into having the deeper relationships you desire?

If you desire success, commit to doing what it takes NOW … for tomorrow is not promised.   Now is the time to manifest the life & business of your dreams.  This can be your season.


TC Cooper