Cyber Monday 2009 – 7 Tools for Building a Magnetic Brand & Business

by PowerUp on November 30, 2009

Today is Cyber Monday 2009, a day that has become known for great Internet deals.  In celebration of entrepreneurship and Cyber Monday, I’d like to share with you 7 of my favorite business building tools and resources.  Each of the tools listed below has been and continues to be important to me in building UpwardAction®.    I’d love to know your thoughts about my favorite tools and those tools & resources that have worked for you.  Let’s discuss!

Enjoy Cyber Monday.

Happy Business Building!

T.C. Coleman

P.S.   In the spirit of full disclosure, many of the links below are for my affilaite accounts as I am actively using every tool or resource listed below.

Recommendation #1:  Aweber for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to build credibility, establish strong business relationships and develop a magnetic brand.  Email marketing allows you to continuously add value though writing and distributing articles, while building your credibility and promoting your expertise.   If you have not invested in an email marketing and auto-responder system, now is the time.  Aweber has one of the highest deliverability rates in the market, meaning your emails have a high probability of being delivered.  Their programs are also affordable, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes.   I use this service and recommend that you check it out. You can learn more about Aweber by visiting their website by clicking here.

Recommendation #2:  Basecamp for Project Management is a powerful tool for managing projects.  I use Basecamp to manage client accounts and UpwardAction® business projects.  Basecamp is particularly useful because it allows the user to create private communities for individual projects and grant access to specific individuals.   The interface is user friendly and the price structure is reasonable.  I use this service and recommend that you check it out.  You can learn more about this project management tool at or by clicking here.

Recommendation #3:  Flip HD Camera for Online Video

Online video is a powerful way to engage your target market and build strong connections, in mass.  The Flip HD Video Camera makes great videos that are easy to upload to your computer.  I LOVE my Flip camera and highly recommend this tool.  The Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) is available on  Click the highlighted text to go directly to the product description page.

Recommendation #4: for Client Relationship Management allows you to manage lots of disconnected information about a client in one place.   Two of my favorite features are the ability to (1) connect the social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twtitter, Plaxo, YouTube, ect.) with contact information and all emails for every contact (talk about making it easy to keep up with people!) and (2) forward emails to my Batchbook account and have Batchbook automatically create a contact file for that person.  Batchbook has helped me organize and structure my client development work.   I use this service and recommend that you check it out.  You can learn more about this tool at

Recommendation #5:  SendOutCards to automate the process of sending physical greeting cards and postcards. is a fantastic relationship building tool I have been using for more than a year.  This service allows you to use the company’s Internet based system to send custom greeting cards and postcards to your family, friends, colleagues, clients and prospective clients that arrive in the mail.  You can even create personal messages in your own handwriting!  I have found SendOutCards to be particularly helpful when sending holiday greetings (like now) and creating postcard campaigns for UpwardAction®.   Using SendOutCards is a fantastic way to supplement your 2010 education based marketing campaigns.  Once you have solidified your 2010 planning calendar, write out and schedule the delivery of cards and postcards for the entire year in one sitting.  SendOutCards allows you to experience the power of automation at its best.  I use this service and recommend that you check it out.   You can learn more about this service on my website by clicking here.

Recommendation #6:   Skype for Video Conferencing

During 2009, Skype has become my preferred video conference tool.   It’s easy, reliable and FREE.   Great ways to use Skype for business include: (1) interviews with prospective employees; (2) “virtual” meetings with clients; and (3) meetings with prospective clients when electronically delivering a proposal. BONUS TIP:  Avoid sending a proposal by email whenever possible; instead, schedule a video chat and deliver an electronic version of your proposal during the chat.  This facilitates a personal connection and provides and opportunity for you to walk your prospective client through the key components of your proposal. I use this service and recommend that you check it out.  You can download the FREE Skype software on their website by clicking here.

Recommendation #7: for Public Relations and Publicity

If you do not have budget for full PR services, or not ready to engage in a full blown PR campaign, but still want to get your name and your presence out there in print, broadcast, and online, I highly recommend using PR-123.   The company’s CEO, Ann Baker- and select fantastic leads and are highly response.   I work with this company and recommend that you check them out.    You can learn more about this resource by visiting their website by clicking here.

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Making Significant Change

by PowerUp on November 6, 2009


We are within 60 days of the end of the decade.  NOW, is the time to make significant change in your business and your life.

Here’s how to get started …

First, invest ten minutes considering an important area of your business for which you would like to make a change. Then, write down your response to the following questions.

  • What am I attempting to avoid by not making the necessary change?
  • How will I feel when this change has been made? Be very specific when answering this question.
  • What three positive things will result from making the change?

Direct your time and energy on your answers to question three.   Focus on the positive results and take UpwardAction® today.  You will be happy you did!

To Your Prosperity!

Coach TC Coleman, Esq.

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