LinkedIn Management: Profiles. Pages. Groups.

LinkedIn Management: Profile and Groups

LinkedIn is easily the most important social network site for professionals.   With literally hundreds of million members (and growing), it is the place to see and be seen by attorneys who are interested in increasing their visibility, influence and impact and client attraction among an active and engaged community of prospective clients.

Here's what happens when you maximize a social network like LinkedIn – you'll find that:

  • Prospective clients are there waiting for you to show up;
  • Other lawyers actively using this platform could refer business to you;
  • People who know others in need of your legal services are using this platform for networking and information – and they would be happy to tell others about you … if they knew about you and, most importantly, knew what to say.   So, tell them already!

At UpwardAction®, we can provide LinkedIn management services for solo -practitioners, small law firms and practice group of law firms.    Here's exactly what we can do for your law practice, among other things:

  • Identify the groups that you should join for the best results;
  • Establish a highly focused LinkedIn group for your law business that is based on your practice area and target clientele;
  • Share content in your LinkedIn law business group (see the bullet above) in frequencies that range from  a few times a week to every day, based on your goals;
  • Share content in the groups in which you belong to increase your influence, impact and social brand authority – in frequencies that range from once a week to a few times a weeks to every day, based on your budget; and
  • Update your status bar by sharing content created by you and/or others that are related to your practice area or your personal interest/hobbies.


LinkedIn Training for Lawyers


INVESTMENT:  $695.00 per month (3 month minimum)

These services start at $695 per month.

Our LinkedIn management services employ highly effective strategies that rapidly build an online reputation and online brand that delivers value.  Ready to grow?  Click here and leave your contact information.