Facebook Ad Campaign Services

The days of consistently getting tangible results from using Facebook  for FREE are long gone.
If you want Facebook to drive targeted traffic to your website in the least amount of time, you've got to pay-to-play.
Facebook Ads provide the mechanism for paying and playing.

The good news is that Facebook remains one of the most effective and inexpensive platforms for driving targeted traffic to your website or offer.

At UpwardAction®, we create Facebook ad campaign that can efficiently and effectively:

* Build your e-mail list
* Target your competitors fans
* Target your ideal clients by demographics
* Target your ideal clients by locations
* Reach your target audience for pennies per engagement.
* Use conversion pixels to track activity and measure results
* Use retargeting to advertise to people who have visited your website

Here's how the UpwardAction® Five-Step Facebook Advertising Process works:

Step 1.     Competitive Analysis | Competitor Research:
We'll research the competitive landscape to determine how to most effectively, efficiently and profitably penetrate and dominate your market. We'll study the leading advertising in your competitive space and use this competitive intelligence in step two of the process.

Step 2.    Facebook Ad Controls
Our team will create a micro-ad campaign using a limited budget to determine the best control group to use for building your Facebook Ad Campaign(s).  We'll then map out campaigns for each segment of your target audience. This can be from as little as one campaign to as many as 5 campaigns.

Step 3.     Facebook Ad Campaigns:
We'll set up a campaign for each audience segment that contains 3 ads for split testing. Each campaign includes:

* Ad copy and design for split testing
* 3 images, one for each ad
* Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
* Ads uploaded into your Ads Manager

Step 4.     Facebook Ad Monitoring:
Once your campaign has been created and your FB Ads launched, we.

* Monitoring during the 30 day split-testing phase
* Determine which ads are under-performing and stop them
* Create a maximum of 2 new ads per week based on results of the split tests

Step 5.     Facebook Ad Reporting:
You'll get a weekly report on which ads performed the best.



Once you invest in our services, you'll receive a link to our client in-take form – which includes information that we need to start working the strategic plan for your Facebook Ad campaign(s).

We will then use the information that your provided on the client in-take form to develop your custom UpwardAction® Facebook Ad Campaign Playbook.
This plan will be delivered to you, you'll add your account manager as an Admin to your Ads Account and Facebook page.
Then, we'll get down to the business of using your custom playbook to make your Facebook Adverting Dreams a reality.

Ready to get started?  Give us a call at (800) 753-6576 or click here to enter your contact information.   A senior member of our team will be in touch very soon.