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Demonstrate your expertise. Get certified.

In today’s world, it’s not enough to just have a presence on social media and post random inspirational and motivational content. Even posting great educational content is a waste of time if you do not have a strategy that leads people from social networks into your sales process. Businesses that have the most success online understand the critical importance of strategy and leverage in reaching your ideal clients on the right platforms at the right time.  


Enroll in the UpwardAction® Social Media Marketing Certification Program and you’ll get full access to our complete vault of more than 80 training lessons that range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, along with accompanying worksheets and infographics.

You’ll have 12 months to complete the required lessons in your UpwardAction® Media Certification Track and attending a one-half (1/2) day VIP Training Session with Tasha “TC” Cooper (aka “Coach TC”) in person or by video.

Content Strategy and Creation

Social Media Basics & Best Practices

Engagement, Tracking & Analytics


This program is available two levels: certification and non-certification. (1) You can invest in the self-guided access to all of the courses without certification or (2) You can invest in the certification program that includes 12 coaching calls and an in-person training session that is available twice a year.

Self-Guided: $1,750.00 or Certification: $3,500.00

Here’s what you get when you enroll in the UpwardAction® Media Certification Program!

1.  80+ video or audio lessons and supplementary written materials.  You also have access to monthly group training calls for which you can submit questions to be answered during the call.

2.  One-Half (1/2) Day VIP training and graduation luncheon in the Washington, DC or Myrtle Beach area. Participation can be in-person or with special arrangement by video.  

3.  Official UpwardAction® Media Certification Certificate.  Certificate-holders of this program are eligible to become Certified UpwardAction® Media Trainers. 

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Here’s how the UpwardAction® Social Media Marketing Program is organized. 

1)  Two Tracks for Completing this Social Media Marketing Program:  Each track includes up to 25 required videos and a competency test. Take the test as many times as needed within 12 months of enrollment.
      –>  Track A.  Self-Guided Social Media Training
      –>  Track B.  Social Media Marketing Certification

2) All – Tracks Private Strategy Session with TC Cooper (Certification Level) or a UpwardAction® Social Media Marketing Certified Strategist (Self-Guided Level): You will have access to all of the training lessons within 24 hours of enrolling in the UpwardAction® Media Certification program; however, your program officially starts with a 60-minute strategy session with TC Cooper by video or telephone to discuss your goals and determine which of our three certification tracks best fits your needs.

3)  All Tracks – List of Required Classes and SMART Goal Planner:  After working with TC during your private strategy session, you will review the list of required classes for your chosen certification level and start using your complimentary copy of our best-selling 90-Day SMART Action Plan Daily Planner for S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

4)   On-Demand Training Videos and Audio Files:  Get access to all of the video and audio-based training lessons within 24 hours of enrolling in the UpwardAction® Social Media Program. Training videos are from TC Cooper’s live Periscope and Facebook programs. Go through our video library for (a) your own social media competency (perfect for solo and micro-business owners as well as leaders who want to understand how social media marketing works) or (b) certification (perfect for small business owners, social media consultants, social media strategists, and communication professionals).


5)  Certification Level – Monthly Calls: Every month, you can submit questions to be answered during a pre-recorded group training call.  This call is based on questions submitted during the past 30 days.

6)  Certification Level – Half-Day VIP Training with TC Cooper: Once you have completed the videos lessons in your track, you have the option of joining TC Cooper in Washington, DC or Myrtle Beach, SC for a one-half (1/2) day small group training session. Small group training days are held on pre-determined Saturdays at least twice a year. 

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Here are a few of the lessons you’ll enjoy once you enroll in the UpwardAction® Media Certification Program and have full access to the training videos.


Learn How to Leverage LinkedIn Groups
Learn How to Maximize Your Status Updates
Learn How to Maximize Your Personal Profile
Learn How LinkedIn Can Help You Build a Global Business
Learn How LinkedIn Can Help You Build a Global Business
Learn How to Maximize LinkedIn Company Pages
Learn How to Maximize the LinkedIn Publishing Platform
How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page


Learn How To Maximze Your Resources with Social Media Management
Learn How To Develop A Content Plan
Learn the Twitter Lingo
Make An Emotional Connection with Your Ideal Client
Get Your Content to the Exact People Who Want It
Learn How To Develop A Content Plan
Pay for Measured Results
Learn the ONLY Time You Should Pay For Followers
Learn How to Be More Profitable by Being K.I.N.D.E.R.
Learn how to Get Clear, Confront Fear & WIN.
Learn How to Use WordPress Sites and Basecamp with Virtual Teams
Learn a Simple Process for Finding, Attracting and Hiring Your Ideal Virtual Assistant.
Learn How To Start Conversations in Groups on Facebook & LinkedIn
Learn a Quick Tip for Getting Feedback from Your Online Community
Learn How to Build Influence in Groups with a 5-Step Formula
Optimize Your Twitter Profile
The Anatomy of a Tweet
Make the Most of Quoted Tweets and Retweets
Learn the Basics About Promoted Tweets


Practical Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2017 and Beyond
Learn How To Protect Your Brand by Protecting Your Name
Learn How to Make It Easy for Your Ideal Clients to Find You Online
Learn How To Automate Your Follow-Up
Learn How To Find Your Mentors, Colleagues and Target Market Online
Learn the First Step to Getting Results on Social Media. Set SMART Goals.
Data is Everything. Mind Your Numbers by Tracking Your Clicks
Discover Three Great Places to Find Virtual Assistants
Convert Your Content Into Currency In 3 Steps
Learn an Easy Tip for Writing Compelling Headlines
Four Reasons to Join An Online Community
Mind Your Numbers: Track 5 Things This Week.
Learn 15 Ways to Transform Your Business with a Book.
Learn How to Use Open Office Hours in Your Business
Learn How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Precise Language
Learn How To Make Your Calls to Action ACTIONABLE.
Learn 12 Ways to Create Compelling Content
Learn How to Use Demographics, Psychographics & More to Get More Business
Discover if Your Programs, Products and Service Need Their Own Social Media Brand
Discover What Numbers Matter When Tracking Your Success on Social Media
Social Media Management Tools
6 Actions That Will Catapult Success or Destroy Momentum
Keywords and Hashtags
Mind Your Metrics
Increase Your Income: Map Revenue Goals. Track Progress.
5 Actions to Increase Your Revenue


Learn the Basics About Promoted Tweets
Learn How to Maximize Your Cash with Social Media Management
Learn Why Your Content Plan Is Important
Learn Tips for Connecting with Your Target Audience
Learn How to Only Pay for Results.
Learn Tips for Getting Your Content Out
Find Out the ONLY Time You Should Pay For Followers
Learn 3 Key Ways to Advertise on Social Media
Learn the Basics About Promoted Tweets
Learn How To Amplify Your Message with Hashtags
Learn How to Get the Most from Confence Hashtags
Learn More About Brand Specific and Tradmarked Hashtags
Learn How to Increase Your Visibility with Hashtags
Learn the Basics About Hashtags
Learn How to Use Direct Messages
Learn How to Maximize “Quoted Tweets”
Learn How To Atttract Followers with Your Bio
What Should I Tweet About?
Twitter Basics: Learn How To Send A Tweet
How Often Should I Tweet?
Twitter Basics: Learn How To Retweet a Tweet
Twitter Basics: Learn How To Quote A Tweet
Twitter Basics: Learn How To Like A Tweet
Twitter Basics: Learn How To Send A Direct Message
Twitter Start Up Guide
Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Find Your Tweeple on Twitter
Leverage Twitter Lists
Monitor the Twitter Accounts of Your Target Audience
Expand Your Influence with Your Followers


We want to help you leverage social media marketing in your business or organization, starting today!  ~ Coach TC Cooper

Self Guided:  Social Media Competency

One Time Payment of $997.00

Don’t get left behind. Learn how to leverage social media and digital marketing. Start today!

12-month access to the entire program. 



Certification Program 

One Time Payment of $2,497.00

2 payment option is available for certification.  Click here to request details.  $250 service fee required.

12-month access to the entire program. 



Need to certify 5 or more people? Let’s talk. We love providing group membership programs to help our clients leverage the power of social marketing to increase revenue through service-based, value-added marketing. Click here to contact us via UpwardAction – our parent company to start the conversation.

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