eBook: 21 Quotes to Transform How You Do Business

21 Quotes Transform How You Do Business


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 21 Quotes to Transform How You Do Business




It has been said that “success leaves clues.”    Many of these clues are in the form of quotes from successful business owners who have been where you are – and are where you want to be.    Check out this eBook for words of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs that include TC Cooper, Kevin Nations, Com Mitza, Richard Brandson, Warren Buffet, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Yanik Silver, Anthony Volodkin, Andrew Morrison, Reid Hoffman, Stacia Pierce,  Sean Rad, Russel Simmons, Will Morland, Joel Spolsky, Larry Ellison,  Napoleon Hill, Chris Dixon and Scott Belsky.

Once you've read, thought about and integrated the lessons from these quotes into your life, you'll never do business the same again. 

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